[v62] Invite friends who like Bernie Sanders to Facebook events
After obtaining event access, drag the blue button into your bookmarks bar to begin.
v62 changes: added page for the Events/Rallies/Marches scheduled for the Democratic National Convention.


  1. March(es) on the Democratic National Convention
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Campaign Volunteering Page

You must have access to events before you can invite to them.
Links are provided in the Events dropdown above. If you can't view the event page, submit your Facebook profile URL below. You will receive a friend request, and, after accepting, will be invited to the events, giving you the ability to invite friends to them.
Please make sure that your profile settings allow anyone to add you as a friend.

Example: https://www.facebook.com/username

Video Tutorial


  1. Click on the bookmark (on your bookmarks bar) and follow the prompts. When redirected to the search page, click the bookmark again to start auto-scrolling through your list.
  2. While still on the search page, click on the bookmark (on your bar) to store the users you found and be redirected to the event page.
  3. Click on Invite, then click the bookmark (on your bar) again and follow the prompts. Finally, click Send invitations to invite the users to the corresponding state event.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3, this time selecting other events.
  5. NOTE: Don't invite more than 450-500 people per hour. You might get temporarily blocked from inviting users to events for up to 24 hours by Facebook.
    NOTE: When you are running out of invites for an event a countdown will display on the invite page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: When I follow the bookmark's prompts and it tries to navigate me to an event page, I get to a page that says "Sorry, this page isn't available...". Why?

    A: In order to invite people to a state's private event, you need to first be a member of the event. Read "Private event access and information" on this page for information on getting access to all of the state events.

  2. Q: I can't find my bookmarks bar. Where is it?

    A: Read more here if you can't find the bookmarks bar: Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

  3. Q: I got temporarily blocked by trying to invite too many people too fast. What do I do?

    A: Sit tight. Trying to use the tool to invite a large amount of people once you are already blocked may increase your block time. Wait about 4-6 hours and then try inviting a single person to the event. If you are still blocked, wait another 4-6 hours and repeat. Once you able to invite a single person, feel free to use the tool again to invite many users at once. Remember, try to not exceed 450-500 invites an hour.

  4. Q: Why does my browser crash when I try to scroll down and see all of my search results?

    A: Chrome and other browsers (especially Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge) might crash when using this tool, using Firefox or Safari seems to fix these issues.

  5. Q: I submitted my Facebook URL and didn't receive any friend request, Why?

    A: Two possibilites. (1) Have you made sure that your facebook privacy is set to allow friend requests from "Everyone"? You will need to do this. (2) It's possible we missed your request. If over an hour has passed, please submit your facebook URL again.

  6. Q: Someone added me as a friend but didn't invite me to some or all of the events. Why?

    A: They likely just made a mistake and forgot to invite you to some or all of the events. Please send them a message and mention what events you still require access to. If you don't hear back from them within a reasonable amount of time, feel free to submit your facebook URL again and someone else will invite you to the events you need.

  7. Q: Why does my bookmark not include all of the states shown on this website?

    A: You need to re-drag the blue bookmark button to your bookmark bar every time there is a new update. The blue bookmark button will have the current version on it - if it doesn't match what is currently on your bookmark bar, you need to update.

  8. Q: Is there a limit to how many total people that I can invite to an event?

    A: Yes. Once you are within 200 invitations of your cap, a countdown will display on the invite page. Once this countdown hits 0, you will no longer be able to invite any more members to this particular event. Be proud that you were able to invite so many---very few reach this limit. And remember, even if you reach the limit for one state's event, you will still be able to invite people to all of the other events.

  9. Q: Why use private events as opposed to public events?

    A: While public events only permit a member to invite their friends, private events uniquely allow members to also invite their friends-of-friends. The outreach events are private for this reason--it allows us to quickly reach and inform a large number of potential voters.

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